From a young age, she was involved in a range of activities, including art, piano, and basketball. Encouraged to put academics first by her father who studied with her each evening, and to reach for the stars by her mother who told her she could accomplish anything she set her mind to, Nikou’s family life was instrumental to her success from early on. It was the determination they instilled in Nikou’s character that led her to become independent at the age of 15, entering the workforce in order to provide for herself and put herself through college.

Nikou Mohajerani studied at the University of California, San Diego, delving into biology and structural engineering before settling on a major in management science and international relations. Nikou also attended the prestigious Bocconi University in Milan, Italy to further her education in receiving her Master’s in finance. Her path to career success has not always been clear or smooth. In fact, four months before graduating from college, her father passed away from lymphona, diminishing her support system substantially as a result. Yet she remained determined to succeed as her father had always encouraged her to do. She proved herself as a leader by accomplishing a great deal in a variety of industries. She helped open a fine dining Italian restaurant, was a financial advisor, and worked for a government agency.

Nikou knew she wanted to locate herself in a region that would challenge her to think big, and so she returned to her roots where she established The Vantage Co. She continued to overcome obstacles when, two weeks of opening her new business, Nikou found herself severely under-staffed and working 12-16 hours daily in order to stay in business. Yet she remained positive and never lost sight of her goal to be the trailblazer she knew she could be.

As a woman, she has faced the difficulty of meeting the high expectations of her co-workers while also balancing personal responsibilities. By remaining focused on her character development and by overcoming adversity through determination, she has become a force to be reckoned with. As an example of female leadership to many others she has influenced, Nikou has made it her goal to educate and empower other women in how to be successful in the business world.

For Nikou Mohajerani, one of the keys to her rise to leadership has been remaining focused on long-term and short-term goals. Believing that no goal is too big, she helps those she coaches to dream big and then lay down a plan to achieve the endgame. Within her team, she encourages each individual to set attainable yet ambitious daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly objectives, while fostering a sense of accountability to help each individual hit the mark every time.

Nikou believes that in order to be an effective leader, she must put the success of those on her team above her own, and that by doing so she guarantees her own best interests. To that end, she is never willing to give up, investing substantial time and energy into cultivating a growth-oriented environment in which anyone can learn and progress professionally.

Deriving a great deal of fulfillment from the achievements of others, Nikou continues to make the cultivation of people’s leadership potential her primary aim. She is no doubt an agent of change in the lives of the people she touches, helping many individuals overcome the desire to be someone they aren’t by showing them their unique strengths and helping them create a vision for their lives that is realistic and exciting.

Nikou Mohajerani’s approach to management has won her acclaim in the industry, with the following a short list of recent accolades:

2011: President’s Club
2012: Nominated for Consistentcy Manager of the Year
2012: Promoted to West Coast Regional Director
2013: Received David Parker Owner of the Year and Regional Manager Awards
2013: Promoted to Regional Consultant

Nikou Mohajerani, Leader in the Community

When she’s not working, Nikou Mohajerani enjoys the lifestyle afforded her by residing in Los Angeles. She loves practicing yoga in the serenity of the beach and meditating on possibilities in view of the endless sea. She enjoys fine restaurants such as Koi in Beverly Hills, and perfecting her skills as a salsa dancer. Nikou also credits the city for her ability to see the potential in people, knowing that each brings a unique perspective and strength of character to common goals. This has reinforced her desire to cultivate a diverse environment at The Vantage Co based on equal opportunity for all.

Part of what makes Nikou Mohajerani such an effective leader is her focus on philanthropy. She is driven by the belief that when you give generously, you reap greater rewards. In particular, she has chosen to focus her energy and that of her team on the fight for a cancer cure.