Nimble Collective provides a Virtual Studio Service Platform empowering a community of animation producers to create, collaborate, and prosper. The company removes many of the restrictions that hinder creation and development of animated content with a 100% cloud-native, high-performance infrastructure. No more downloading software or installing clients, creating is just one link away.

Creators, Agencies, Brands, and Studios have the freedom to ‘Be Your Own Studio’ or be an extension of an existing service. Nimble Collective gives creators the versatility to control creative output without the barriers and expense that are associated with producing high-end content.  

Based in Mountain View, CA, Nimble Collective is focused on revolutionizing the animation content market with the industry’s largest cloud-based, end-to-end virtual studio platform where users develop and distribute their own content. Founded in November 2014, the company is led by a stellar team comprised of acclaimed animators, technologists, and entrepreneurs. For more information, visit Nimble Collective at www.nimblecollective.com.