The first semi trailer manufacturer dedicated to 33 foot trailers.  The Jax series trailer includes the automatic manual converter folly integrated into the frame of our trailers allowing for easy hookup of additional trailers with carbon fiber skins. This increases the strength of the trailer by a factor of 3 plus times while reducing the weight by 4000 pounds.  In addition the rounded fiberglass nose along with a slightly rounded ceiling increases the efficiency of the trailer producing a 22% reduction in fuel costs for fleet, and minimizing trailer repairs by a minimum of 26% over the life of the trailer.  The use of the integrated converter dollies removes the need for companies to have to purchase expensive converter dollies saving approximately $10,000 and increasing sway and stopping distance as much as 32% dramatically increasing vehicle safety while increasing capacity by 18%.  All the advantages of the Jax Series allows trucking companies to get a 3 to 4 times faster return on investment.

Nimble Trailerss is a newly formed Washington Corporation established in 2016 headquartered in Longview Washinton.  When fully operational will employ approximately 500 employees by the 2018.  The converter dolly application is a licensed patented product.