Struggling to lose weight ?
Bonita Gonsalvez, a scientist based in Cambridge, discussed her journey to weight loss. At a young age, doctors informed and warned Bonita that she needed to lose weight, change her diet and her lifestyle. She attended a school and college which was not very supportive or encouraging to develop or nurture her natural talents. She was bullied, harassed, called nasty names which destroyed her self-worth, self-love and motivation. From the school attended, she described herself of constantly feeling tired, moody and grumpy. She lived her life in a constant fight or flight response and kept having triggers due to the poor management, lack of training and education to deal with teenage issues. With her ongoing problems with her weight and poor leadership and guidance from school, her effort to lose weight failed. Her doctors thought that she was not making the attempts to lose weight or fats and she was labelled as lazy when the issue was more serious. She was constantly criticised and surrounded by individuals who were jealous of her and the efforts that she made. It is natural to say that she was not successful when it was pointed that she needed to lose weight. With time, she felt depressed, resorted to junk and comfort foods to escape from reality. She was surrounded by a toxic school with toxic individuals. Most of the individuals in school suffered from one mental strain to another whether it is fear, insecurity or jealousy and Bonita Gonsalvez was victimized for their jealousy on making efforts and a heightened sense of self worth until the students tried to prove their sense of insecurity onto her. Being intoxicated by this environment for five years, her self-worth, self-love and self-care went over the window. Her mental state was affected because of unhelpful teachers and surroundings. This affected her grades and applications to school and colleges


As she went to the University, she was surrounded with a close, supportive and good network of people, individuals and mentors. She had to go to therapy sessions to relieve the trauma caused by the school and sixth form college. She described that the trauma that she received from school impaired her creativity, mind, body and soul. As she changed her mindset and healed from trauma, she realised who she really is and that there were a lot of things she took personally and internalised from a toxic environment. In the University, she realised that she was surrounded by a close friendship circle, close love and received appropriate training, mentorship and leadership. She was given the opportunity to develop and expand her skills. As life progresses, she healed from the trauma from the school and focused solely on the opportunities that were thrown at her. As a result, she became a scientist and achieved a degree and masters. Her colleagues and friends gave her love, respect, trust and appreciation that she truly deserved and today she is thankful for the help and intervention that she received from the University, her psychotherapist, her lover and friends.

Following her experience at the university, she was registered as a PhD student at a Research institute in London. With her heightened sense of self-worth, self-love and self-care, she was able to motivate her friends and encourage them to pursue their interests.

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