This blog is about being a stress-free mom! I can almost see millions of ladies take a break to laugh. Stress-free and mom don’t usually go well together.

I would request all moms to follow this blog to unravel the mysteries of how you can accomplished a stress-free mothering state and go on the path of becoming…NIRVANA-MA(Nirvana is a Sanskrit term that means an idyllic state of self where one is realized from suffering and desire. MA is of course, mother)

When i am not busy being Nirvanama, my name is Lahar Bhatnagar. My love for writing and my love for understanding nature and beings (I am post grad in developmental biology and neuroscience) has led me to where I am today.
I feel the best way to enjoy any journey, including motherhood, is by keeping an open mind, keep on experimenting and to keep trying to understand the real reasons behind any phenomenon- is it the mother in me or the researcher that is speaking? its difficult for me also to alienate the two sometimes.

so here is to the enjoying the most important job in the world….Mothering….