In 2003, with the publication of its daily Alternative Market Briefing, Opalesque successfully launched an information revolution in the hedge fund media space: "Opalesque changed the world by bringing transparency where there was opacity and by delivering an accurate professional reporting service." - Nigel Blanchard, Culross. This hybrid financial news service, which combines proprietary industry news stories and filtered third party reports, has been credited by many industry insiders with delivering precise, accurate, and vital information to a notoriously guarded audience.

Each week, Opalesque publications are read by more than 500,000 industry professionals in over 100 countries.  Opalesque is the only daily hedge fund publisher which is actually read by the elite managers themselves (http://www.opalesque.com/op_testimonials.html).

About Opalesque Publications:

Alternative Market Briefing is a daily newsletter on the global hedge fund industry, highly praised for its completeness and timely delivery of the most important daily news for professionals dealing with hedge funds. Alternative Market Briefing offers both a quick overview and in-depth coverage. Subscribers can also access the industry’s largest news archive (29,000+ articles) on hedge funds and related topics.

A SQUARE is the first web publication, globally, that is dedicated exclusively to alternative investments. A SQUARE's weekly selections feature unique investment opportunities that bear virtually no correlation to the main stream hedge fund strategies and/or distinguish themselves by virtue of their "alternative" motive – for instance, social or behavioral strategies or those focused on natural resources or sustainable/environment-related investing.

With its "research that reveals" approach, fast facts and investment oriented analysis, A SQUARE offers diversification and complementary ideas for private, high net-worth and institutional investors, pension funds and endowments, portfolio and hedge fund managers.

Technical Research Briefing delivers a global perspective/overview on all major markets, including equity indices, fixed Income, currencies, and commodities. Opalesque Technical Research is unique compared to most available research which is fundamental in nature and not technically (chart) oriented.

Sovereign Wealth Funds Briefing offers a quick and complete overview on the actions and issues relating to Sovereign Wealth Funds, who rank now  amongst the most important and observed participants in the international capital markets.

Commodities Briefing is a free, daily publication covering the global commodities markets.  The Opalesque Commodities Briefings follow the popular Opalesque “Briefing” format and offer a quick and complete oversight on commodities and commodity-related news and research in 26 detailed categories.

The daily Real Estate Briefings offer a quick and complete oversight on real estate, important news related to that sector as well as commentaries and research in 28 detailed categories. The service can be subscribed as daily email newsletter or by RSS feed.

The Opalesque Roundtable Series unites some of the leading hedge fund managers and their investors from specific global hedge fund centers, sharing unique insights on the specific idiosyncrasies and developments as well as issues and advantages of their jurisdiction. Matthias Knab, Director of Opalesque Ltd, moderates the Opalesque Roundtables. Matthias Knab is an internationally recognized expert on hedge funds and alternatives.

Through the series, hedge fund investors looking for new talent, a hedge fund interested in diversifying its investor base, or service providers looking for new clients will all get to know some of the leaders in each hedge fund center and will find invaluable information and intelligence without any travel involved.

For more information, please go to http://www.opalesque.com