Without help, many families and/or caregivers find that dealing with a head lice infestation tremendously overwhelming, especially if initial treatment was unsuccessful or done improperly. In their efforts to manage the infestation many parents unwittingly misuse commonly known products such as Nix or Rid unaware of the potential side effects of the chemicals contained in them, and exhausting themselves in the process ( Current research indicates that head lice are now resistant to those chemicals). At that time enlisting the assistance of a professional may be the best option.
Nitty Bitty Critter is an in-home head lice removal service. A safe non-chemical approach is used to assist in the identification of head lice, and treatment when necessary. Service is provided in the comfort of the home. The family will be given post-treatment guidelines as a tool to help prevent re-infestation and to support effectiveness of the initial treatment. Usually the infested individual(s) will be able to return to school and/or work the following day.