Hardwick Enterprises New Zealand:

Keith Lightfoot has been studying people, relationships, motivation and psychology for more than thirty years.

​He is a published author and a Member of the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology. He is one of New Zealand's computer pioneers and is a Fellow of IT Professionals New Zealand.

Keith has been delivering his message on Depression to audiences in New Zealand and the USA since 2011. He speaks at high schools, management meetings, national conferences, in workplaces, to families and friends.

"Keith was asked to come and speak to our community because like many New Zealand towns we were experiencing a high rate of depression and suicides.

​The presentation empowered people to move forward, provided important details, brought our community even closer together and significantly reduced our suicide rate."

Keith does not pull any punches", says an attendee at a recent Depression Suicide meeting, "but we needed to hear the truth".

People leave with more optimism, new information and ongoing methodologies to turn the tide against Depression. Some audience members suggested that the presentation should be compulsory for every person in New Zealand.

Keith Lightfoot is a sought after conference speaker and entertainer with extraordinary reviews from audiences in New Zealand, USA, Malaysia and Australia.

People who have attended Keith’s presentations talk about the life-changing effect on their lives, the impact of the message and the on-going benefits of his recommendations.

Keith delivers with power, experience and “laugh out loud” humour with a tailored message and actionable steps for each member of the audience.

If you looking for a very-funny after-dinner speech, a management professional for an executive coaching ​session or a keynote address to a major conference, this enthusiastic young man from New Zealand will literally "blow the socks" off your audience.

Keith is the author of the Positive Psychology book “Thank God it’s Friday and has unique insights into attitude, depression and wellness. He is also a singer-songwriter and recording artist, and these additional talents are often requested by event organisers to add "a nice touch" to the event.

"Keith has the wonderful ability to communicate from real-life stories, underpinning strong messages of vision, commitment and teamwork that coupled with his humorous delivery, leave you with fond memories not only of the presentation, but salient points that will stay with you well after the event has concluded."
Greg Kelly, Managing Director, GKA Investigations Group