Nic Noblique
Fine Art Industry

Nic became an early lover of Picasso’s work while living in Antibes, France and found a resonance with his sculpture that went to the very core of his being.  Returning to the US he focused on his artistic development throughout his primary education with exhibits as early as age 13 at the Milwaukee Museum of Art.   Nic developed a passion for snowboarding and skateboarding that led to a career in owning and operating skate and snow retail shops in Wisconsin, California, and the Pacific Northwest and placed in the first ever X-Games.  After studying pliable materials engineering in California, he made further contributions to the skateboard industry by engineering a new center point concave skateboard that would go on to be produced by some of the countries major skateboard manufacturers.  He continued to apply creative insight with an understanding of physics to design and produce several indoor and outdoor skate and snow parks.  In his early 20’s he left the skate and snow industry to work as a full time artist.

In the last ten years he has participated in many solo and group exhibitions with respected galleries and art centers nationally and works with numerous charities and arts initiatives to improve our communities and lives through the power of art.  Nic has enjoyed the privilege of teaching graduate level 3D art at Hardin Simmons University and continues to foster the growth of young talent through apprenticeships via McMurry University.   Nic, partnered with his wife’s leadership in business, has owned two retail galleries, both highly regarded in their respective communities and even garnering a ‘best art gallery’ award in 2008 for his successful alternative art space and studio concept in Galveston.  

Nic bases his designs on the idea of 3/5/8 mathematical beauty, suggesting everything in nature can be broken down into those proportions and is a structural spiral. He works with salvaged and recycled steel to create his sculpture on a 60-ton press he hand built from salvaged parts to roll the steel.  His large metal sculptures are abstract studies of line, form and movement powder coated in vibrant colors.  Nic has commissioned hundreds of works both privately and publicly, and been honored with awards in sculpture including the prestigious international Navy Pier Walk Competition in 2003, juried by David Pagel.