Noelle Rollins is artist and owner of the Noelle Rollins Art Studio and Classroom in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Her artwork and giftware are created with the intention of supporting others on the journey to an authentic, soulful life. Whether it’s the goosebumps we get while hearing a musician’s fingers dance around the strings of a guitar, the way a flower blooms so perfectly, the beauty of the human body and the love people have for one another; Noelle captures the beauty of these life moments through her bold, uplifting artwork. You can find her artwork on canvas, prints, greeting cards and more.
Noelle is leading the way in using re-purposed materials whenever possible and incorporates those into her work. While much of her artwork is done on canvas some has been done on doors, pallets, wood panels or fencing, records and more.  In her classroom students reuse everyday items such as bottle covers, caps and bubble wrap as tools in addition to brushes  for classes.

You can find Noelle’s artwork in stores, studios and offices.  Noelle and her artwork gently assist offices and studios in clearly displaying their mission statements to their clients through decor, correspondence materials and more. The Noelle Rollins Art line is available on a wholesale level for companies looking to offer retail or as a customized solution for your company’s identity.