Noesys Data is a company focused on providing the tools to reduce the time from data to knowledge, maximize the information gained within each experiment you perform, and improve research decision-making within the bioresearch field.   Current customers are involved with Safety Pharmacology, Infectious disease, and biodefense research.

The software and services we offer to achieve these results include:

ARTIOS:  A new generation program that uses a relational database to capture, store, and analyze data from diverse sources to provide you with a systems biology view of the compound or disease under study.  The resulting whole animal database aligns external data along a common experimental and/or study timeline and allows you to analyze, identify and report critical findings in hours not weeks.

Developed to accept virtually any external data, ARTIOS’s backbone lies in its unending vendor neutral acquisition of telemetry based cardiovascular pulmonary, temperature, and activity data, logging over 140 million data points per animal per day and deriving multiple parameters instantaneously.  This results in logging billions of calculations.   External data such as blood analysis, microarray, X ray images, protein concentrations, histopathology reports, clinical observations, and biomarker profiles can imported and aligned with the telemetry data along their common timeline.  The resulting unambiguous knowledge that is derived from the ARTIOS system is unparalleled.  One customer, using a prototype of ARTIOS, reported their time to complete their data analysis shrunk from 3 weeks to 3 days.

Data Reduction:  Noesys Data has assembled a team of data reduction professionals, with decades in the pharmaceutical industry, experienced in telemetry-based data.  With proprietary tools, Noesys Data can take raw data and reduce it into coherent, aligned workbooks based on the study protocol for you to analyze, saving you weeks and the potential for data misalignment in the process.

Data Analysis:  Working from the aligned study workbooks, Noesys Data can determine the proper statistical analysis to be performed on the data and analyze the data.  Detailed reports, highlighting both unchanged and statistically significant changes are presented along with graphs, charts and tables detailing the observations.  One critical and often overlooked parameter is determining the normative ranges of the subject colony to evaluate real induced changes over normal circadian rhythms.

Study Analysis:  Noesys Data has teamed with leading Pharmaceutical Safety Pharmacologists to be able to provide you with a complete analysis of the compound under study including an independent third party evaluation of the results.  In addition to simply accelerating your research, the Study Analysis service is ideal for regulatory filings, documentation of milestones in cooperative agreements, and due diligence evaluations.  

Our range of products and services can be tailored to your specific needs.