Building Life Foundations is a training center for the state of Missouri and surrounding states in Kingian Nonviolence. It is our intent to institutionalize and internationalize nonviolence. The center will also include or refer other programs such as job placement, G. E. D. preparation, substance abuse recovery assistance, HIV-AIDS education and awareness, transitional housing, job readiness, and life skills training for youth and adults.

We will achieve our goals through both formal and informal education, training, and assistance to involve youth, state and local governments, and adults of all cultures in the preservation and application of the philosophy and techniques of Kingian Nonviolence. We will strive to impart knowledge for participants to apply Kingian Nonviolence into their daily encounters at home, work, and in their communities to promote the goal of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Beloved Community" through the elimination of the social ills of racism, poverty, and militarism (all forms of violence) and the expansion of social justice through nonviolent means.