The Little Rock, AR business community is excited to welcome The Chocolate and Shopping Show at McCain Mall. The event will highlight local business owners along with their products and services and facilitate introductions to the community.

On Saturday, June 7, 2014, in Little Rock, AR, McCain Mall will host the fun and exciting Chocolate and Shopping Show from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Little Rock, AR residents and business owners will be treated to The Chocolate and Shopping Shows Mall and get to know their neighbors and entrepreneurs. During the day, there will be several product demonstrations, free samples, and special deals. Visitors are encouraged to stop by show registration table Center Court lower level to receive their entry form for various door prizes donated by the day’s vendors. In addition to the door prizes, each vendor provides free chocolate throughout the day simply by stopping by the table and meeting their local business owners.

Local Little Rock, AR business owners are encouraged to contact Lisa Cain at lisa@bizfestival.com to apply for a vendor booth. The Chocolate and Shopping is known for hosting extremely successful events and connecting a wide variety of local businesses to their neighbors and ideal clients. Mall space is highly desired and extremely limited; interested vendors are encouraged to apply sooner rather than later to be given the unique opportunity to showcase their company at McCain Mall.

About Chocolate and Shopping Show: Highlighted in over 30 U.S. cities with more than 50 successful events, The Chocolate and Shopping Show offers local business owners the unique and profitable experience of showcasing their products and services at shopping malls. The show targets larger malls with 90% occupancy at least 15,000 visitors every Saturday. The Chocolate and Shopping Show is always free for the community and purposely features a wide variety of local businesses. We help stimulate the local economy and highlight smaller businesses that would not otherwise have a presence at their local shopping mall. Current Area Directors are needed for most U.S. cities; successful Area Directors pay no fee to join but are expected to be Master Networkers. Chocolate and Shopping can be found at http://www.ChocolateShoppingShow.com/, http://www.Facebook.com/TheChocolateAndShopping, http://www.Twitter.com/CSSConnects. Direct questions to National Director, Lisa Cain at 901-766-6920 or Lisa@BizFestival.com.