NorthPole4Santa.Com brings memories that will last your child a lifetime

Cincinnati, OH November 7, 2011 – A Fairy 4 U Foundation dba NorthPole4Santa.com announces the launch of the most magical and memorable moment as Santa Clause call children around the world to tell them about their Christmas wishes

NorthPole4Santa.com offers a personalized, truly believable Santa experiences that turn even skeptics into believers! Our Santa voice is happy and kind, will address your child by name, and provide them with a report about whether they've been naughty or nice. You simply choose the date, time and provide all the details which we deliver to Santa. Then, just sit back, relax, and at your chosen time, the magic will begin!

History and Facts of the Holiday – Christmas is a mid-winter festival observed as the birth of Jesus Christ. Many people celebrate the season with gift giving, tree decorating and Santa Claus. Christmas falls on Sunday, December 25, 2011.

In China, he is called Shengdan Laoren. In England, his name is Father Christmas, where he has a longer coat and a longer beard. In France, he's known as Pere Noel. In Germany, the children get presents from Christindl, the Christ Child. Today, Finland is one of the few countries where kids actually see Father Christmas in the act of delivering the presents and probably the only country where the Saint really does ask the children if they behaved during the year.
Here in the United States of America, let the special child in your life experience a memory that will last for years to come when they tell the story to their grand children of how Santa Clause called them personally. Santa brings us all together! Kids all over the world recognize who Santa is. Although many believe the season has been commercialized, who can help, but love the jolly old Fella? It's the idea of giving that reminds us; that we are all on this planet together. Now imagine the look on their faces when they realize it is Santa Claus, himself is calling all the way from the North Pole?
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