“Exceptional. Not simply a re-imagining, but a re-framing of the entire issue. I hope you piss a lot of folks off. The ones who get pissed are surely the ones who need it the most.”
— Pulitzer Prize-winning race and culture columnist Leonard Pitts

Aug. 9, 2018

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WORLD PREMIERE of "Northern Man": New twist on old anthem

released as Charlottesville one-year anniversary nears

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A multiracial group of U.S. and Canadian musicians from across the political spectrum has gathered to create "Northern Man" -- a reimagining of Neil Young's 1970 classic anthem against bigotry "Southern Man" (listen for a nod to the Deep South's own Lynyrd Skynyrd, too). Together, we raise a defiant and timely fist to the North with this message: Now it's your turn. Don't forget.  

Watch the powerful video at https://youtu.be/o6OfNJ5ZL5Y.

The death of civil rights activist Heather Heyer last August at Charlottesville’s White Nationalist Rally left us enraged, frightened and despairing. We channeled our emotions to try to bridge our country's racial divide.

A year in the making and from the founder of one of the granddaddies of internet cross-cultural forums, "Northern Man" offers an updated narrative in response to personal choices that have helped move us dangerously closer to normalizing a new brand of brazen racism and unabashed white supremacy. The sheets have come off. Who will now take the gloves off, throw down the gauntlet and send a message that enough is enough?

NOTE: We have no agenda or cause other than to prompt a healthy dialogue. There are no plans to sell this new song or raise money for any organization. It is offered as a sequel of sorts in a continuing national saga. Turn it up.