Who we are:

Family owned and operated, Northwest hops is located in Hubbard, Oregon "Home of the Hubbard hop festival." Our long time reputation and location position us to provide superior hop rhizomes to the public. We are not a dried hops broker, or a farmer selling their own variety. We are surrounded by hops and the history of our family and friends is here too.  We actively work at acquiring and properly storing hop varieties for the sole purpose of extending them to the public.
With our passion being the hop and our specialty being customer service, we are sure our success will be contagious!


Here at Northwest Hops we figure you can't go wrong with honesty. If we mess up, we fix it. Quick! The relationships that we have established over many years allow us the opportunity to offer an array of varieties that will only get larger.  Admittedly we can't offer certain varieties yet.

What seperates us from the rest?
 By doing our own custom harvesting by hand we can ensure our product 100%. Our business is to carefully pick only the choicest rhizomes by carefully harvesting on an individual basis. When the rhizomes are harvested we package them in small quantities for storage to insure peak freshness and moisture. The individual person packaging is probably the individual harvesting. Our rhizomes are not man handled five times before they reach your door, like from the farm, and then crudely handled, carelessly stored,  tossed in a box then shipped. Climate controlled refrigeration ensures perfect dormancy for extended periods if necessary and our ongoing research brings new and exciting methods to the forefront. We love hops!


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