Notary Power, LLC was founded by a banker and a mortgage quality control officer with a primary focus to protect Notaries Public and their employers from notary misconduct that has recently become a significant cause of loss for employers, the signers, and the errant notary public.

Notary Power, LLC is a comprehensive provider of:

Notary Public Education
Consultative services for all notarial processes
Specialized services to employers of notaries public
Consultative services for attorneys or departments who draft documents necessitating legal executions by a notary public
Expert Testimony

As the provider of the only education program endorsed by the New Jersey Notary Association, the educators of Notary Power are the premier resource of notary public education with a classroom focus of avoiding losses associated with negligence.

Notary Power, LLC employs Chrissey Ladd, the 2011 National Notary of the Year as its Curriculum Developer.