Based in Asia’s technology hub, Singapore, Nova Satra Diagnostics is a Molecular Diagnostics company committed to improving lives through the research, development and commercialization of blood based diagnostic tests that provide the early highly accurate detection of cancer.

Widely recognized as the future of cancer diagnostics, Doctors are using molecular testing to diagnose and treat diseases more accurately and at an earlier stage than ever before.

The company is currently developing a pipeline of molecular diagnostics tests across a range of cancer indications. Our lead test, under development is a revolutionary non-invasive diagnostic test for breast cancer.

Utilizing Oxford developed epigenetic platform technology, the high sensitivity and specificity test is based on the latest advances in the mechanisms of gene expression, non-coding RNA, chromosome conformation signatures and epigenetics.

The test is currently undergoing multi centre Asian validation trials in two countries – Singapore and Malaysia, and is slated for commercialisation in 2016.