NowUKTV are a premium provider of UK Television services to British expats and Anglophiles all around the world via IPTV streaming.

Our systems include subscription Sky TV packages via Slingbox systems, plus the very popular IPTV box offering all free-to-air UK Freeview channels using the award winning Blade Stream set-top box.

We are the only supplier who can offer every subscription Sky channel including all sports, movies, entertainment, music and news stations. Starting from just £40.00 a month, subscribers can access over 40 subscription channels. Fans of sports and movies can get their hands on our top package for just £80.00 a month.

Our increasingly popular Freeview IPTV box offers a low cost solution to anyone wanting to access all free-to-air UK TV channels. For just £25.00 a month, you can watch live UK TV on a compact set-top box plus use the in-built catch up service and watch any show from the last 7 days. The Blade Stream IPTV boxes deliver HD quality streams and have to be seen to be believed.

Forget using clumsy and slow VPNs and iPlayer sites. These Blade Stream boxes are incredibly sharp, affordable and offer the best selection at a great price.

Contact us today to get more info on our product range.