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•An estimated 90% of all visits to all types of doctors are for stress-related illnesses! (Blaich)

So, we see, that it’s not only diet that plays a huge role in Irritable Bowel Syndrome-type diseases such as colitis!

•Dr. Sherry Rogers says: "You have been brainwashed into believing that the diagnosis given to your condition, a mere label, is the end of the line. But nothing could be further (and more dangerous) from the truth. In fact, the name or label that has been given to your collection of symptoms is totally inconsequential. The only thing that matters is what has caused the symptoms.

•I will now share with you an affordable and easy way to beat Colitis whilst you sleep!

Dr Sherry A. Rogers, MD, ABFP, ABEM, FACAAI, FACN, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice and of the American Board of Environmental Medicine.

The Impact of Stress on Colitis!

•The saber-tooth-tiger effect… Many baby boomers are ex-adrenaline junkies – people who lived in the fast lane for too many years, and eating a wretched diet. As they age, they start to have problems. When the “tiger” attacks the body or when any form of immediate stress occurs, in the fight-or-flight response, the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) fires, releasing adrenal hormones to create survival mechanisms including: elevated blood pressure and blood sugar, increased heart rate, dilated pupils, opened up airways, etc. Normal digestion and even intestinal peristalsis is stopped to allow the body to focus on survival. And the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which regulates day-to-day activities like slowing the heart rate and stimulating digestion, is inhibited.

•‘the Resistance Stage’ of repeated stress: In humans, this translates to the enormous increase in digestive problems including Colitis, Heartburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, chronic illness and fatigue we see today.(Lipski)

•At some point, the body can no longer maintain the increased production of hormones to meet continued, ongoing stress and the adrenals reach the Exhaustion Stage(adrenal burnout), wherein the body can no longer regulate its own vital functions.(Blaich) Chronic disease develops gradually as a result of dysfunction. One doesn’t just “get” Colitis, heart disease or cancer… they are each preceded by years of dysfunction of the body involving gradual deterioration of normal function over time. (Blaich)

•Stress reduction and a peaceful meal time without stress obviously become very important. A concerted effort must be made to make mealtime unstressful to ensure proper digestion and an effort must be made to take time to eat peacefully, quietly and properly. Tall order in today’s rushed workplace with busy schedules, travelling, limited food selections and choices.

In this regard, using a relaxation CD is of enormous help. As a Doctor of Holistic Nutrition, I can tell you that other methods are just not practical, or very expensive, this is affordable, and it de-stresses you and heals a lot of the damage Ulcerative Colitis causes, whilst you sleep, so, diet alone is not enough!

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