Buzz Brand Marketing is a boutique marketing and
communications firm specializing in building brand equity.
Whether it’s creating initial buzz around a new product or
company, celebrity wrangling and managing the red carpet
for a high profi le event, getting media placements or building
a brand from scratch, Buzz pools its resources and leverages
its relationships to tackle the task at hand.
We believe that every brand or aspiring brand deserves
to maximize their full potential. Our goal is to foster a buzz
worthy growth of success for our clients by enhancing
and developing their brand through targeted marketing
and PR services.
Our New York based firm combines the intimate client
attention for which boutique shops are known with the
results clients typically expect from much larger agencies.
Buzz offers its clients the expertise and services of
a steadily growing number of passionate professionals
and the opportunities presented by a complementary
network of clients, industry professionals and media contacts.