NuVascular Technologies, Inc. was established in Ashland, Mass., in 2014. The company was formed to commercialize patented technology developed over the past decade by BioSurfaces, Inc. and to further develop next-generation technology utilizing its electrospinning expertise.

Under the direction of an experienced management team, the company is developing medical solutions that mimic natural tissue growth and incorporate targeted drug delivery. Using the latest in nanotechnology, the groundbreaking electrospinning process will help treat different aspects of arterial, heart and kidney diseases with the goal of dramatically reducing complications and helping patients live better and longer lives.

NuVascular Technologies’ patented electrospinning process mimics the natural biological scaffold in which native human tissue grows, encouraging healing, capillary formation and tissue integration. This quality of healing is a vast improvement over the current industry standard of thicker woven and knitted biomaterials, which do not fully heal resulting in complications such as blood clotting.

Drugs and other bioactives are incorporated directly into the electrospun fibers, dramatically improving healing and reducing complications such as infection, clotting and uncontrolled cellular growth. This drug-loading allows for a release rate and duration that can be tailored for a specific device and is significantly superior to current mainstream methods, which either do not have the capacity to locally deliver drugs or have to use binding agents that can cause complications.

NuVascular Technologies currently holds exclusive licenses for patented electrospinning and a drug-delivery platform to treat multiple diseases. Currently, the company is focusing its efforts on treating three serious diseases:

Arterial Disease:
•     Artificial Blood Vessels: Replaces a patient’s own vein that is no longer viable
•     Endovascular Stent Sheath: Strengthens a weakened artery
•     Advanced Sutures: Secures a native or artificial vessel to bypass an arterial blockage

End-Stage Renal Disease
•     Hemodialysis Access Graft:  Provides immediate access through a graft for patients requiring long-term dialysis
•     Hemodialysis Catheter: Provides immediate access through a catheter for long-term dialysis patients

Heart Failure:
•     Ventricular Assist Conduit: Connects ventricular assist devices to patient
•     Cardiac Repair Material: Repairs defects within the heart

NuVascular Technologies is currently in discussions with the FDA regarding these groundbreaking medical solutions.