NutPile Networks offers FREE home and business internet performance monitoring. We all count on our internet being reliable and nothing is more frustrating than experiencing problems when you need this service most. How do you know if only your location is suffering problems or if others in the area are also? Now, all consumers have the ability to monitor the performance of their internet services.

Most people don’t have the time or resources to gather internet performance statistics. The tools offered by your internet provider may not be the most accurate because they are showing you results based on tests being conducted within their own networks or in ‘perfect’ conditions.
Speed test sites only show you a small piece of the puzzle and again, in optimized conditions.

The NutPile Networks software runs at the customer premises, conducting nonstop, 24/7, ultra-low resource use testing which results in a non-biased view from the locations perspective. When neighbors in the same area take part monitoring their providers, consumers no longer stand alone wondering if outages affected them only or the entire neighborhood.

The ability to share reports on sites such as Facebook helps users to compare results which in turn gives everyone a better understanding of what is otherwise an invisible service.

Reports include time, length of outages, average frequency, latency, a basic bandwidth sampling test and historical data showing hourly, daily, weekly along with data/time range searching capabilities. A number of updates, new reports and additions are in the works.

The reports generated by the software when it starts and while it runs. The software constantly communicates with servers over the Internet, regularly generating performance data. NutPile Networks does not collect details such as sites visited, searches conducted etc. The software monitors only the Internet connection and not the traffic going over it.


Nutpile Network specializes in providing monitoring services 24/7, 365 days/year for Internet and other consumers who need reliable connectivity.  A Windows 7/8/10 software client can be downloaded and installed on a PC that can be kept on 24/7.  An optional hardware client is available to anyone who doesn't have a PC they can keep on. Reports can be viewed using any browser that can connect to the Internet including mobiles. Customer support is available anytime by phone or by using the contact link on the website.

To learn more about NutPile Network visit the website, http://www.nutpile.com

NutPile Networks – Mike Paradis