PRESS RELEASE                 July 2014
        Optimiserlabs.com launches Carnosil Body Spray, a revolutionary sports performance boost!

Millions of sports participants around the world will have their prayers answered with Carnosil Body Spray, a spray-on product that reduces the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. Sports with greater endurance needs will have greater relevance and these include long-distance running, cycling, swimming and numerous team sports such as soccer and rugby.

The patented product also has European medical device status after having been trialled extensively in Italy with professional and amateur soccer and volleyball team players. The main soccer team trial actually involved the Under-21s side of a top team that has won countless national and European trophies. The clinical trials support has included two universities, Milan and Pavia who aided the research lab Bio-Basic.

Nutresco Limited, a UK based company, has exclusive global distribution rights for Carnosil Body Spray, as a result of their multi-product development partnership with Italian group Pharmaday.

Carnosil Body Spray utilises a natural substance that is already found in the human body, Carnosine. It delays the accumulation of lactic acid, thus preventing the onset of cramps, whilst improving stamina and overall physical performance. Other amino acids and essential minerals also form part of the Carnosil Body Spray formula including alanine, isoleucine, potassium and magnesium, which also boost endurance and muscle recovery time. Both carnosine and alanine are already well-documented as being helpful towards the reduction of muscle-recovery time in athletes and “peak performance” can be attained for longer.

Carnosil Body Spray is available as a spray-on application which is applied onto the inside of sports clothing so that the active ingredients can be absorbed directly through the skin.

Nutresco Director Paul Pearson comments, “We’re delighted to have been given this immense opportunity with an innovative product that can positively influence at every level of participation. We aim to make this a widely available consumer product but we’ll also work closely with sports science specialists in many countries who can spread the benefit within their professional sports communities. Another recent development is strong interest within the equine world and it bodes well for racehorse owners in particular!”

All enquiries: contact Ray Rohrbach +44 7894 734754 ray@nutresco.com
Paul Pearson +44 7766 881110 paul@nutresco.com