NutriSport was founded in 1997 by Vince Paternoster, with the vision of providing FDA compliant Quality Manufacturing at an affordable price. From his experience working in the OTC drug industry, Vince applied the most innovative and effective manufacturing and quality control techniques this industry had to offer, to the manufacturing of dietary supplements. This visionary approach put NSP in the top tier of CGMP compliant dietary supplement manufacturing companies, which has been confirmed by independent auditors of NSP's customers and from Natural Product Association GMP certification and NSF audit.

With the CGMP business model in place for over a decade, NSP has been able to focus on running an economically efficient dietary supplement manufacturing facility, in order to offer its business customers highly competitive prices, while maintaining top Quality and FDA compliance. In this way NSP's customers can market high quality dietary supplement products at competitive prices, to increase their sales and profits.

You can review detailed information about NSP contained in this website, or you can contact us directly to for additional information and to discuss your dietary supplement manufacturing needs.