Nearly 35 years ago, our founders knew there was a better way.  
A way to conduct business that valued individual contributions.  A way to develop products that would benefit plants and growers.  And they knew that together they could advance the frontiers of plant nutrition globally.
Since then, growers have relied on our products to improve yields and quality, allowing them to produce more, and earn more, with less.  
What makes this all possible is our dedication to science, chemistry, agriculture, and innovation.  We are always researching and testing new ideas, new application methods, and new chemistries.  

What doesn’t change is our commitment to providing benefits to plants and growers.  We only release products and technologies that work better than what is available in the market.  We won’t jump on a trend because it is profitable if it won’t stand the test of time.  Our results in the field prove this, season after season.

The truth is that we know more than ever about plants and nutrients.  We know what works and why, and it is our mission to bring only those products to market that truly benefit plants, crops, growers and improve agriculture. When we learn to target nutrition, we reduce risks to the environment and the people in our communities.  Together, we grow stronger.

We aren’t just a fertilizer company.  We are your partners in agriculture.  Our expert sales team can identify nutrient deficiencies and build custom nutrition programs based on specific growing challenges- whether they are natural, political, regulatory, or economic.  We can look at the whole picture and develop a nutrition plan that works at every level. That is our promise to you.
We are Nutrient Technologies.  Grow with us.