Obsidian Anime Lab (ObsidianAnimeLab.com) recently announced the official launch of its Anime creation platform that allows all anime fans to have a say in the creation of an official anime via polls. Obsidian Anime Lab (OAL) hosts polls for their members known as Co-Creators, to vote in. The polls allow Co-Creators to choose the aspects they desire to see in the anime such as the overall story, plot events and character designs. The production of the anime will begin when there are 1 million active Co-Creators or when the $2 million production budget has been reached. Co-Creators can also enter giveaways, win prizes, visit the OAL shop and read the OAL blog, all of which help grow the production budget.

Run by a team of self-proclaimed Otakus, the Obsidian Anime Lab site offers a fun and unique experience. Site visitors are greeted by crew members (the official mascots of the OAL) who inform as much as they entertain. Scattered across the many pages of the OAL site, these characters give the impression of stepping right into a manga.

"The Obsidian Anime Lab was made for the fans," said OAL founder, Auriel. "It has always been my dream to create an Anime, and one day I realized that every other Anime fan probably had the same desire as me. That’s when it hit me! The best creators are the fans, so there should be a way for the fans to create."

She goes on to explain how this concept came to be. "I set out to start what has never been done before and piece by piece, me and my team of Anime enthusiasts put together the Obsidian Anime Lab. We made it possible for everyone to have the chance to put their ideas on the screen."

Sharing her excitement, she concluded with, "I sincerely hope you all will share in this amazing opportunity to be part of something big and create something great. It’s like we always say, the OAL was made for you!”

For only $2/mo anyone can become a Co-Creator and receive the perks that come with the title.

Perks of being a Co-Creator:

-Co-Creators get exclusive access to the polls and the finished Anime.

-Co-Creators can enter giveaways such as the Grand Prize giveaway for a trip to Japan, studio tour and tickets to the Universal in Kyoto.

-Only Co-Creators can purchase OAL merch, perks and read the OAL blog.

About Obsidian Anime Lab

Obsidian Anime Lab gives anime fans a way to vote in polls to decide the anime they want to see. When the polls close, production begins on the fan designed anime. Only Co-Creators can vote in polls and watch the Anime when it is completed. The OAL shop, blog and giveaways are also available solely to Co-Creators.

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