At OCDesignersource.com we use a collaborative design approach to reach optimum results for our clients.

We begin with a member base which has been very carefully screened for credentials, team attitude and customer service.

Next, our knowledgeable sales team seeks out clients who are looking for talents like ours. It is our experience that the best results come from interactive design processes. We carefully project manage and customize a team for each project from within our member base.

What is the advantage to our client?
We bring trusted professional businesses together and integrate their choice talents for a successful project delivery. OC Designer Source has everything from start to finish. We start with Design, incorporate premium architects and interior designers, build with choice professional contractors dedicated to performance and quality, then finish with fashion by incorporating cutting edge finishes in furnishings and in house artist professionals.

We believe that our clients, as well as our team, deserve to work with the best to bring about their dreams and expectations.