OFM offers ‘real good life’ to listeners
Could there be any truth to the article published by The Economist in May 2021, titled “What history tells
you about post-pandemic booms”, which states, “…people spend more, take more risks – and demand
more of politicians”?
The article speaks of a ‘boom’, which throughout history has been seen to manifest in this way following
post-traumatic events. While uncertainty remains in South Africa, it is tricky preparing for a post Covid19 future. OFM’s approach to this anticipated economic ‘boom’ of sorts is endorsed through its
continued “Living the Real Good Life” brand positioning.
Living the Real Good Life talks to escaping the pressures of everyday life by focusing on what matters
most to OFM’s audience in Central South Africa… a place where the freedom to enjoy a more balanced
life is not only possible, but is lived through music, engagement, lifestyle, and a strong sense of
In 2021, this positioning was driven through OFM’s 35th birthday year, which the brand leveraged to
generate good, wholesome radio experiences, while creating steadfast product offerings that supported
local business.
Since March, the brand committed to providing positive yet disruptive on-air experiences through its
birthday lead campaigns, which were created to address two objectives:
 building brand love and audience; and
 creating revenue.
March’s Spot the Yellow Fleet campaign not only reinforced the new look and feel of the OFM brand but
encouraged audiences to engage by taking pictures with the newly branded OFM fleet. These vehicles
were placed around the region at outside broadcasts, lifestyle events, and activations to stimulate local
economies and build brand love.
80s April was a daily on-air celebration of music, which performed alongside a product offering
generated from the excitement on-air. It was a theme that was heard on radio and taken to market
through OFM’s Pop-Up Radio offering.
May’s Agri Focus Week, which spoke to one in three of the 26 000 farmers living in the OFM footprint,
offered a focused and dedicated platform for all who are proudly represented inside the agri value chain.
In June, OFM’s Groot Vet Kombers Proe-jek inspired audiences across the region to raise R450 000 for
Round Table Southern Africa’s Winter Knights Campaign. OFM took to the region with live broadcasts,
twice a week, to challenge listeners to support a wide range of charities by purchasing a vetkoek for at
least R35. The highest price paid for a vetkoek for charity was R10 000. This, and the many contributions
from OFM’s audience, showcased the caring and real values contained within the Living the Real Good
Life brand positioning.
However, the moment of truth presented itself in July when OFM celebrated its official 35th birthday
through a brand building exercise called the OFM Secret Song. This was a month-long campaign that
celebrated music, engaged audiences through curiosity, and uplifted a community with a grand prize of
R35 000.
These strategically placed exercises and considered touch points are used to build the OFM audience and
provide real and engaging solutions to stakeholders; this, at a time when they need local support and
investment the most.
In this shared spirit of Central South Africa, OFM rallies its audience to lead a really good life, made up of
many and often smaller moments of pure fun, real connection, contribution to others, and moments of
OFM exists to connect and amplify Central South African’s desire to live their best quality of life in every
moment, wherever they are. The brand is real, uplifting, proud and caring to all who listen to, and invest
in, OFM. This is how OFM has built the trust to become the Sound of Central South Africa over the past
35 years.
Tim Thabethe
OFM Programme Manager