During the beginning phase of the company, Omar Faruk had struggled keeping up with the new trends and catering to the needs of the customers owing to their needs abiding by the deadlines given to them. As time went forward, the social media trends and the newest marketing strategies started having it’s effect on Yeager digital. As a result, she was able to build herself and the company up to the standards of the latest marketing trends. With days and nights of hard work, she was able to create a space that helped her be creative and thoughtful.

When asked about the reason behind starting OF Wiki, Omar Faruk says, “I was always passionate about the signature that I put in everything that I do. It was during the teenagers that I realised I could put my potential in engaging with people into something productive. That was when I familiarised myself with the marketing world and decided this was the place for me.”

OF Wiki was born out of the constant effort of the Founder Omar Faruk. For them maintaining consistency had always been a challenge as they found it difficult to be following a constant strategy. They had to make sure that they provided adequate changes to the way they worked and affirmed that they had the best client support that they could offer. For OF Wiki the response from the clients and their satisfaction was the basic aim for growth.

With constant support from clients and their feedback they were able to build up, OF Wiki to a point where they could no more be prouder than they are. With changing business environments and financial setbacks, they have had to go through a series of struggles, but they keep trying hard to hit back with more vigor than they started with and also aspire greater than they did earlier.

If you want to touch the high points of your success, you can rely on us. To know more about Yeager Digital, feel free to check omarfaruk.wiki

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