OLLA Kidsfurniture is every bit of furniture you can imagine.  For your kids from kids.

OLLA = OLe & elLA (Ole and Ella) are my son (8) and daughter (5). The idea was born by Ole & Ella while playing with LEGO.  At this time we were looking for a new desk and chair for homework! It was difficult to find anything on the market that that we felt was good enough.  This is where the project was born.

OLLA is multipurpose furniture.  Fun from start to finish, it also promotes creativity, learning and collaboration.  OLLA gives your children the ability to design their bedroom in the way they want. Engineered lightweight building blocks connect with a simple system to create a wide variety of furniture that is fun to build!  OLLA is aimed at, but not limited to children aged between 4 to 14 years. The system is the perfect hand-me-down too, as a younger sibling can get to learn themselves and build the furniture they want!

The OLLA system is completely interchangeable.  Similar to popular toy building block systems,OLLA allows you to build, take apart, and rebuild until you are happy with your creation, or follow the accompanying guide to create various items of furniture. The more OLLA you own, the wider variety of furniture becomes possible.

So if mom and dad have gotten weary of stuff that gets aimed at kids but that parents have to put together, OLLA just might make you smile. The modular system of hole bars and connectors lets kids build items such as a chair, desk, bench, even a bed. The light weight pieces are noted as being appropriate for kids between the ages of 4-14. For $228, a backer gets enough pieces to build a chair, and the building guide. Expected delivery is September 2014.

Manufactured in North America and Europe