OLSET is an Information as a Service (IaaS) software company developing new and innovative hotel booking technologies using natural language processing to understand consumers’ preferences in travel better. OLSET uses technology to expedite the booking process and increase conversions for Travel Industry partners. Through patent pending technology, OLSET analyzes millions of reviews, extracts the sentiments, and tailors results based on a consumer’s interests at the exact time they are purchasing, delivering increased profits for their website and application partners as well.

Need extra fluffy pillows to sleep well? We’ve got you covered. Need a kid friendly hotel with free wifi and huge rooms? Not a problem! Just tell us once, and we will save your preferences forever (you can update them at any time).

OLSET is the brainchild of Gadi Bashvitz, a frequent traveler, tech entrepreneur and big data veteran who after traveling 2.1 million miles in less than a decade realized that booking travel really wasn’t fast or easy by any standard. Gadi teamed up with Amyn Sheriff, an experienced technologist and long-time travel industry expert to revolutionize the way travel is booked.. So sign up today and save your future self thousands of hours from searching for hotels with OLSET.

OLSET- Personalized Travel Bookings.