Orthopedic Physician Associates ("OPAOrtho") is Seattle's premier provider of orthopedic and musculoskeletal services. Our physicians and clinical staff work together to ensure that you receive complete orthopedic care, whether surgical or nonsurgical, for problems or diseases of the bones, joints, and muscles. OPA physicians are board certified in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Physiatry and Anesthesiology and each has advanced subspecialty Fellowship training in Sports, Joints, Foot & Ankle, Spine and Trauma. OPA physicians are known regionally and throughout the world as leaders in their fields. They lecture frequently, train others, and develop new surgical techniques and many of the breakthrough hardware used in today's surgery. Our physicians are the team physicians for many of the area's professional sports teams, including the Seattle Mariners, the Seattle Seahawks, the Seattle Storm, Pacific Northwest Ballet and dozens of collegiate and recreational leagues throughout the greater Seattle area.

History of Practice
Dr. Forest Flashman and Dr. John Stewart established Orthopedic Physicians, Inc. in 1958. Several doctors entered the practice in the intervening years and, in 1994, Orthopedic Physicians, Inc. merged with Orthopedic Associates to form the present group, Orthopedic Physician Associates. We have an office at 601 Broadway in Seattle. Our MRI suite is at 900 Terry Avenue in Seattle.

OPA has several specialties to serve most of your needs in one place:

- Spine
- Foot & Ankle
- Joints
- Sports
- Diagnostics

We are part of Proliance Surgeons, Inc.
In the late 1990's, OPA joined with other orthopedic groups in the Puget Sound area to form Orthopedic Consultants of Washington (OCW). In 2002, OCW merged with Surgical Associates of Washington to form Proliance Surgeons, Inc. P.S. Orthopedic Physician Associates is an operating division of Proliance Surgeons, the largest surgical medical group in the State of Washington. It has offices from Everett to Tacoma and has over 120 highly skilled surgeons. Its services include Orthopedic Surgery, ENT Surgery, General Surgery, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, MRI Facilities, and Physical Therapy Services. To learn more about Proliance Surgeons visit: www.proliancesurgeons.com