OPEN Cleantech (OPEN) is a global visionary finance company that offers a new way to invest in cleantech projects and business. Our professional network covers Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, with a wide range of investment and project opportunities available.

Our holistic approach to business actively builds networks of international placement agents, allowing OPEN to connect a global community of environmental entrepreneurs and investors through our strategic partnerships. At the same time, we are wholly OPEN to professional institutions and investors, such as high net-worth individuals, searching for the most cutting-edge opportunities in cleantech investment.

The added value OPEN brings to global cleantech investment is clearly reflected in the way we source projects, bring together cleantech project developers and finance, build relationships with finance professionals, and communicate with the investor community, both collectively and individually. This approach is the heart of OPEN’s dynamic brand, one which is committed to harnessing the very best digital strategies for global presence, authority and impact.