OPR (Overseas Publishers Representatives):

We are the proud third generation owners of OPR (Overseas Publishers Representatives), a family owned company which was founded in 1933. Since that time our pledge has always been and continues to be superior customer service and selection.

OPRNY.com will strive to constantly evolve as an important tool that will help you find the exciting focused information you are looking for in fashion, graphic, textile, lifestyle trends and general interest publications. All your purchases, including subscriptions will be openly visible and available at all times to be managed by you the user in your new online Account Manager.

The site will be dynamic and responsive to your needs and requests. Therefore, we welcome your suggestions and your feedback to both OPR and the publishers we represent.

We value your business and hope you will allow OPRNY.com to be a part of your continued success. Please visit us often in our New York showroom, at many trade shows throughout the year, and of course on our websites (http://www.OPRNY.com, http://www.Fashion-Magazines.com).