Giusi Mastro is fluent in the traditions, richness, and daring of Italian Architecture and Design. She was born in Grottaglie, in the region of Puglia in Southern Italy, in a family of ceramists and artists and she moved to Florence in 1976. At the University of Florence, she received a Degree in Architecture and she taught Interior Architecture from 1986 to 1994. During the same years she worked as Lighting Designer at Targetti (1986-1988) and she founded Giusi Mastro Architecture (1988-1994). Also, in the ‘80s, a magical time for Italian design, Giusi Mastro became one of the founders of the Bolidismo. This movement was born from the desire to incorporate the feeling of movement inside design and to emphasize dynamism of organic forms, enhancing the concept of electronic action, speed, and light and from the fascination for Futurism and the American streamline.

Giusi Mastro moved to NYC in 1995 where, after being a nominee for the James Beard Foundation Best Restaurant Design Award in collaboration with Alex Locadia and Christopher Owles, and also having worked as a Senior Designer at Sanba Design + Development, she founded ORA Studio NYC in 2001. ORA Studio NYC was born as a full-service Architectural and Design firm specializing in contemporary high-end interiors, space planning, lighting design, and product design for residential, commercial and hospitality projects. With Giusi Mastro’s Italian sensibility, ORA Studio NYC's work is defined by attention to detail from planning to completion, ensuring high-end results through close site supervision.

ORA Studio NYC has been featured on leading design magazines including Interior Design, Elle Décor, DDN and Architectural Record and Giusi Mastro’s work has been exhibited and collected by galleries and museums throughout the world, including the Museum of Applied Art in Oslo, the Centre Pompidou and Grand Palais in Paris and the New Media Arts Center in New York City. Since 2001, Giusi Mastro has forged a path as a Designer known for impeccable taste level, equally matched with a technical knowledge and awareness of the ever-changing lifestyles and needs of her clientele. Giusi Mastro continues to be on the forefront of what is NOW, which is her firm, ORA Studio’s namesake.