Occupational Sleep Apnea Solutions provides a complete management service for fatigue/wellness programs that includes education, screening, diagnosis, treatment, compliance monitoring, and outcome reporting for your employees with sleep apnea.

We have a national network of regional directors and service providers that can accommodate companies with multiple locations with consistent quality service and timely completion of treatment for those with a diagnosis with sleep apnea.

Our service is unique because we use HIPAA compliant internet web portal access with proprietary software that automates data transfer and tracking of the employees from the initial demographics data entry, all the way to automated billing and payment functions.

This allows us to maintain optimal service management to multiple clients and thousands of employees at the same time without the risk of human error. OSAS/Linkā„¢ proprietary software package eliminates the need for our clients to spend valuable man hours dealing with implementation and in-house management of fatigue / wellness related issues.