OTCMarketBulls is an online financial destination where money managers, analysts, and individual investors can converge to discover new and exciting investment news, opportunities, and ideas. OTCMarketBulls is focused on finding emerging growth companies that do not necessarily have widespread analyst coverage on Wall Street. OTCMarketBulls is constantly looking for unique investment opportunities that can help serious investors increase their returns on a well balanced portfolio.

The idea of investing in young, rapidly growing companies has great appeal because it can be so rewarding. Almost everyone has heard stories of investors who have made small fortunes buying stock in great, small yet unknown companies with most of the growth and stock appreciation still ahead of them. This style of investing; however, is risky as many small companies falter and fail to produce the kind of growth that is expected of them.

This type if investing is not for everyone. Along with the high reward, often times comes high risk. In order for investors to be successful in this higher risk/reward environment, OTCMarketBulls works diligently to find the right opportunities at the right time. Quite often this means we look outside of the box for interesting investment opportunities. We very simply look for finding pure growth stories and what we hope to be solid investments.

Because emerging growth companies do not live in a vacuum and are often more affected by everyday events such as interest rates, the economy, and general business conditions, OTCMarketBulls attempts to keep you apprised of all news relevant to your investment making process.

We at OTCMarketBulls believe that every investor is different and each has his or her own risk profile. No single portfolio should consist of strictly emerging growth stocks. However, an allotment for these stocks can help to increase overall investment results. It is our goal to assist our members in finding emerging growth companies whose stocks are poised for superior capital appreciation.

Investor relations and financial public relations share a common objective; to communicate a company’s message to the investment community. Financial related public relations are a powerful tool. When company awareness reaches a wide audience through periodicals, radio, television, or through the Internet, the results reach a wide audience and can create a measurable impact.