OTR Computing understand the busy schedules most people keep. You've to be at work by 9 and don't get home until late, when are you to find the time to take your computer around to a repair centre? You certainly don't want to do it in the evening, you need to relax, and who wants to spend their weekend running around dropping off/picking up computers or laptops? No one!

For this reason On The Road Computing are pleased to offer our pick up / drop off service to London users. If you work in central or South West London we can collect your laptop/notebook from you at work in the morning - repair it during the day and drop it off either the same or next evening at home (SW Only) or back to your place of work during the day for just £50 total fee (+parts if needed) - that's £50 for a collection, repair and return!

Give us a call on 020 8877 2460 to book this appointment.