OWNx provides a way to own gold and silver that is fair and accessible to all. Through an OWNx account that can be established directly through the OWNx website, through payroll deductions at participating employers, or as an IRA, any individual has the opportunity to directly own these secure and stable assets. OWNx is transforming the gold and silver retail sector by increasing consumer access, lowering transaction costs, verifying product integrity and making gold and silver easier to integrate with other financial assets.

OWNx had its beginnings during the 2008 global financial crisis when its founders, then working as investment advisors, observed the desire of many individual investors to own gold and silver, but had difficulty doing so. Seeking a more accessible, efficient and cost effective way for their clients to benefit from the safety and security of owning gold and silver, they discovered that neither the financial services nor the retail industry offered a solution that was fair, efficient or easily accessible to everyone. They further discovered that unlike most every other area of the financial services industry, technology had not been leveraged to democratize the ownership of gold and silver – making it easily and equally serves participants of all sizes.

In late 2009, SilverSaver.com was launched and the company has continually innovated and added value for customers in all 50 states and Canada. In 2015, SilverSaver and the parent company, Mass Metal LLC, became OWNx to better reflect the vision of the organization which is “a world connected with proven stores of value."

Ownership transcends the mere idea of buying and selling. When you own something |X|, focus falls away from transactions and lands squarely on long-term relationships. OWNx exists to give you unprecedented access to gold and silver and be your guide to own these time-tested assets.