OYSTAR Jones & Company Inc. is located in Northern Kentucky.  It was founded in 1905 by Dr. Ruel Anderson Jones as a manufacturer of a novelty item that Dr. Jones called “advertising soap.”  The success of his soap business led Dr. Jones to develop a machine in 1912 that would mechanically carton bars of soap, resulting in a 10-fold increase in productivity.   Since the manufacture of the first OYSTAR Jones packaging machine in 1912, Jones has continually pushed forward through the industrial and technological explosion of the 20th century to achieve packaging milestones and innovations, always with the goal of increasing production efficiencies of OYSTAR Jones’ customers.

From the company’s first years, OYSTAR Jones has been an organization whose foundation is a personal commitment—from every member of our family—to development of highly refined solutions for the toughest packaging problems.  OYSTAR Jones' machines and packaging lines around the world have set the standard for line speed and flexibility, as well as for return on investment.  

From small entrepreneurial companies to Fortune 100 multinationals, OYSTAR Jones' customers realize real increases in line efficiency, reliability and profitability.  From packaging billions of cans of beer per year to millions of boxes of cereal or pharmaceutical products, the “can do” character of the Jones family of expert personnel has kept these lines running smoothly for over 100 years.  Since the earliest days under Dr. Jones’ guidance, it is the character of Jones and our family of employees to stand firmly behind our installed base of machines, guaranteeing around-the-clock productivity.

R.A. Jones is part of the Oystar Group.  Oystar is one of the world’s largest suppliers of packaging machinery.  As part of this family, Jones is aggressively leveraging the combination of on-site responsiveness and global scale.  Our access to worldwide sales and service facilities means that we can efficiently deploy the most aggressive global packaging projects, while providing our traditional on-site responsiveness and dependability.  We can provide rapidly expanding multinationals with shorter cycle times on systems deployment, as well as outstanding speed-to-market for fast-moving entrepreneurial customers.