Oak Capital Advisors provides critical insight into the market valuation and sale of small businesses as business intermediaries.  Proven experience, commitment to confidentiality and integrity, understanding that cash is king, and unprecedented access to advice and counsel create value for the business owner client.  Oak Capital Advisors ensures that every client receives excellent customer service, securing the best structure and a fair price, with special attention given to valuation, financing, confidentiality, integrity, and a successful negotiation.  Oak Capital Advisors combines small business ownership and corporate management experience, extensive credentials, confidentiality, integrity, results focus, and the service orientation needed to make your business transfer a success.

Oak Capital Advisors typically represents privately-held mid-market companies which have gross revenues of $1 Million and over, and valuation of $300,000 and $8 Million.  Using a proprietary sales process, Oak Capital Advisors values the business, maximizes the sale, and manages a timely, successful transaction.

Oak Capital Advisors Principals are Accredited Business Intermediaries, by the American Business Brokers Association.