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We want to create jobs would you like to help?

My family and I wanted to start a business in an area of high unemployment that would employ a lot of people. When we found closed Lake Dolores Waterpark in Newberry Springs California it was the perfect place to start.

Hi my name is Christopher Jackiewicz founder of OasisTheme-park LLC. You would think with the high unemployment numbers there would be help to assist with job creation. If there is we haven't found it yet. First we went to the banks some said no others gave us paperwork that took a week or more to fill out, only to hear. "Everything looks great just come back in 2 years". People need jobs now to keep their homes and to pay their bills so we talked to the SBA. They told us to talk to the banks. Been there done, that didn't work. So we decided to work with the parks owners. After a few months we located a backer, people started contacting us wanting to donate building supplies and services with talk of a lease in the works. Everything was going great. Then 3 days before the lease was to be signed one of the owners called saying he had to talk to his partners because he changed his mind. When he did that we lost our all of our funding. A few days later they lost the property. Now the bank is selling the property at auction. With our funding lost we asked the park's Facebook friends and family for fundraising ideas some were good some not. On December 1st a $3million 30 day all or nothing indiegogo crowd funding campaign was launched.

People need jobs now, waiting to 2 years to create them is not an option. Some have asked why don't you just pick something easier to start with. Our answer is anything worth doing is not going to be easy. Creating jobs in areas of high unemployment and low new job creation rates is worth the effort. We want to create jobs now and in 2 years would you like to help us?

When we saw in Lake Dolores first hand back in March 2011. It looked to us like someone built a themepark in the middle of an oasis. Knowing the unemployment and new job creation rates for the cities of Newberry Springs and Yermo, we decided that day we would do everything we could to reopen Lake Dolores to create the needed jobs. Even if that meant we would have to rebuild the park brick by brick. A few days later OasisTheme-park LLC was formed.

The pictures on OasisThemepark.com show Lake Dolores in its current state and what we want to restore it too.