Creating new ways of communicating
Creating new ways of automation
Creating new ways of processing
Creating new ways of transforming

Since the formation of Objectif Lune in 1995 our goal has been to help businesses streamline their day to day processes.

Our software solution integrates into your existing back office systems allowing you to create powerful interactive digital communications.

Using automation to streamline your invoicing process enhancing your Print, Email and Web output and positively affect your cash flow with these changes.

Eliminate paper from your Proof of Delivery process by embracing a fully digital pathway using ubiquitous handheld tablets.

Build stronger relationships with your customers to ensure their future loyalty.

Improve your customers experience.

Do you need reduce the overall costs of your outbound mail by introducing automation into the equation?

If your business is looking for more print volume, we can help you win new customers as you become their outsourced print partner.

With Objectif Lune you can create, manage, distribute and automate your important transactional documents. You can improve your processes without having to make any costly changes to existing systems or invest in new ones.
•     Document enhancement: flexibly re-engineer documents on the fly – even if you have a legacy system output.
•     Automated Distribution: automate your communication channel to include web publishing, email or conventional mail using advanced barcoding technology
•     Mail Preparation: save time, labour, paper and postage fees to get postal discounts
•     Document Mobility: capture documents before printing and offer customers the choice of electronic or printed documents
•     Automated archiving: electronically archive documents to reduce handling errors and speed up procedures, wasting less time on repetitive manual tasks

All documents including transactional documents (e.g. invoices) and customer facing communications can be automated, interactive, personalised and multi-channel (mail, internet, email, EDI etc); transforming your businesses customer experience with Objectif Lune’s state of the art technology.