Virtual Pharmacist

Data democratisation has enabled medical data to be now consumed by the patient, carer and family.  The informed patient can make better decisions, which form the start of precision medicine dialogue.

Drug Knowledge

Understand drug products and manufacturer ingredients in more depth, along with all the detailed drug product data e.g. adverse reactions, indications and usage, form and strength, dosage and administration. This enables better decision support when dealing with your health professionals – be informed. Learn what happens if you are intending to mix in medications, and the potential
side effects

Oceans mHealth have taken big data to the smartphone and tablet in a consumer friendly model – the Virtual Pharmacist will
enable you to travel globally with up to date drug product knowledge at your finger tips. Trusted drug knowledge within the app, as well as the ability to set drug reminders and dosage support.  An ideal decision support suite for healthcare professionals, patients, carers, business travelers, and family members under medication for an illness or disease.
Our data model has:  drug product detail, ingredients, manufacturers, drug interactions, countries, and drug match.  

Drug Safety

The need to understand drug safety information in todays global marketplace with the scope of new health and wellness products, combined with more established pharmaceutical and over the counter medication, is desperately needed.

The accessibility to medical data to date for the consumer or patient has not been readily available prior to big data, or app technology. It was essentially a walled garden owned by the medical world. Oceans mHealth has enabled a patient and consumer app that is simplified with clear explanations that are easy to understand.    

Adverse drug admissions are on the rise globally, partly due to consumers and patients lack of drug safety knowledge and consumers self medicating. In the US 57% of adverse drug reactions were not recognised by the attending physician at the time of admission.  Additionally, in the US, 28% of all emergency room visits were drug reaction related, and 70% of these were deemed preventable. Older adults are more likely than younger adults to have adverse drug reactions. The issues of body size, altered body composition, and decreased liver and kidney functions cause many drugs to accumulate in older people bodies at dangerously high levels, thus attention to drug safety needs to be more focused and awareness raised  

Drug Interaction

Oceans mHealth’s solution has an advanced but patient friendly manner for displaying information pertinent to drug interactions. The app provides you with a red, amber, green status as to the severity of the interaction and the products that are interacting.  

The drug interaction detail can be then discussed with the relevant health professional involved with your decision support.

Some drug interactions may not be very serious, others can cause death, hospitalization, or serious injury. Consumers need to educate themselves as to the dangers of interactions between prescribed and over the counter medications, as well as any nutrients and supplements consumers take as they try to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle. Adverse drug reactions statistically occur more in patients over 50.  

Drug Match

The Oceans mHealth app suite has the ability to lookup generic medicines in the host country or when travelling abroad and needing to find similar products.  With the continual rise in international travel, for all members of the family, consumers now have the ability to match their medication at home with that in a country abroad based on active and passive ingredients, dosage or strength, and physical form.  This provides peace of mind when overseas and needing medication. Oceans mHealth have data for over 110+ countries around the world.

Drug Match ensures a view of the form and strength of alternatives or an exact manufacturer match, as well as those of a local manufacturer and product name. Thisia ideal solution for travelers, air crew or those simply on holiday in a far away destination.  Our mobile app provides the details you need in region to discuss with a pharmacist or health professional.