Oficina de Português (OdP) is the only school exclusively devoted to teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. Our courses privilege a communicative approach, which means that learning Portuguese with us equals to speaking Portuguese in the shortest period of time possible.

OdP boosts your Portuguese learning experience by planning interesting, dynamic and pragmatic lessons and at the same time by taking you on small trips or tours in Porto. During these outdoor Portuguese lessons, we encourage students to use Portuguese as much as possible. We believe that our students' language learning experience should be authentic and as real as possible, not only centered in a formal classroom environment, but in the whole experience of living in Porto! So get ready to take part in professional, interesting and relaxed Portuguese classes promoted by experienced, highly competent and qualified teachers.Get involved in our extra activities designed to push you further into our culture, history, literature. Explore Porto with us and find yourself in the midst of unknown paths in this ancient and traditional city! We make sure our Portuguese courses perfectly match our students' needs! For those who come in vacation, Light, Standard or Intensive Portuguese +5 and +10. A City Break for those who come with friends and family but only have time for a weekend, or even for Erasmus Students, who have different needs. Erasmus Portuguese, Part-Time Portuguese and Extensive Portuguese are meant for those who study, work or live in Porto. And for the ones who want a more personal experience there's always a Tailor Made Programme!

Porto is one of the most interesting places in Portugal. It is a city of loud, open, and friendly people who are always ready to make a stand! It is full of interesting spots and cultural events, as well as monuments, concert halls, theaters and museums! It is the centre of Port Wine trade and storage and it connects you with the most astonishing and unknown regions in the country! We want you to learn how to speak Portuguese in the best Portuguese school!

Our Portuguese courses range from Regular to Immersion.

Regular Portuguese courses are meant to suit the needs of people living, working or studying in Porto. Timetables are much more flexible and Portuguese lessons are held either in the morning or late in the evening. Extensive Portuguese, Part Time Portuguese or Erasmus Portuguese aim at providing a great opportunity to learn Portuguese while you’re in Porto. They extend for longer periods of time and are less intensive.

Immersion courses provide you with intensive and super intensive Portuguese courses.
These range from Light to Intensive +10 Portuguese.
So you may choose between 15 lessons per week with Light Portuguese, 20 with Standard Portuguese, 20 group lessons + 5 private lessons with Intensive +5 or 20 group lessons + 10 private with Intensive +10 Portuguese.
Apart from these courses, we also offer you a weekend option, which is City Break. This Portuguese course has a different structure and aims at giving short term students the chance to learn Portuguese and know Porto at the same time. It’s a 3 day Portuguese programme that combines 16 Portuguese lessons at school and 14 other hours just knowing Porto and speaking Portuguese while doing it.

We also give you the chance to go on studying Portuguese in your country. Long Distance Portuguese is an online course via skype that focus mainly on speaking skills. This is the ideal Portuguese course if you have already learnt Portuguese and just don’t want to lose it. Students buy a pack of 20 Portuguese lessons and have the chance to organize their own timetable with their teacher. These are private and flexible Portuguese lessons that allow you to build your own course at your own rythm.

However in case you’re still visiting Porto and want to have that same flexibility and dedicated lessons, you still have the option of a Tailor Made Portuguese course. This is totally planned by students according to their needs and schedule.  

Contact us to check our courses or to propose your own.

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