-O'hire aims to change the recruitment scenario through its new mobile application with a superb UX.
- A group of talented engineers try to address the most common problem in traditional recruitment through a video resume platform.
- For people who rely on the conventional job search procedures, O'hire is here to help you add a zing to your boring C.V/Resume.
O'hire - the one stop employment destination for professional job-seekers and recruiters, has announced it’s Beta Launch date as 11th October 2017. Professionals get a golden opportunity to express their skill sets by means of an attractive video resume attached to their portfolio.
As a job-seeker, you can upload your 2-minute long video resume to your portfolio. Add suitable skills, location and type of job. A recruiter can swipe a video on the right in order to like it, if he feels like skipping the video he can swipe on the left. If impressed by a particular candidate’s video pitch, he can contact the candidate through Whatsapp, email or call.
Shubham Gupta, co-founder at O'hire says “We get thorough knowledge about a candidate’s aptitude, talent, skill sets and attitude towards work with help of a resume or C.V. In many cases, it might not be possible to express all the strong areas through a resume portfolio, so, in order to express more effectively, a video resume comes in handy, It helps the recruiters know more about a candidate and hence make wiser decisions at the initial stages of the hiring process without wasting time and resources.”
Statistics show that over 60% of the google searches accounting to around 600 million per month are employment related, so for those in the professional sphere, the employees as well as the recruiters, this would be a great way to get rid of the conventional job-search and hiring process. You can make your professional life much easier than before. The candidates would be able to pitch themselves through the O'hire video streaming services and get hired on a single swipe.
Co-founder, Arpit Singhal stated that “At a point in time when there is a phenomenal rise in the number of gifted and talented people around us, but in spite of scaling such great heights these people aren’t able to find the right jobs for themselves, O’hire opens new doors for the employees and hiring professionals by significantly widening the talent pool available to them. Talent from every possible field that you can imagine gets an opportunity to upload an expressive video resume and get hired on a single swipe.”
Over the past eight months, the remarkably talented Founder Mr Arpit Singhal and Co-founders Mr Shubham Gupta and Mr Pranshu Singh worked for long hours along with their entire team to address the most common problem in traditional recruitment and developed something fresh called O’hire. Around two years back, some new clients were brought on board to work with Pitch and Hire’s existing IT and digital marketing team. Eventually, there was an increase in demand for new resources from the same clients, to be fulfilled within a short notice.
Recruitment challenges were faced in real time. After trying out all traditional ways of hiring like purchasing the candidate database, spending significant amounts of money for hiring external HR agencies and third party contractors Mr Arpit Singhal and Mr Shubham Gupta were led to the conclusion that nothing worked out that well. From every source, either they were denied candidates on such a short notice or the candidates lacked the required professional skill sets.
Understanding the fact that customers are gods, they started looking into recruitment by themselves and thereby explored all the pain areas of this industry. After doing a thorough research so as to come up with an innovative tech product, available on the fly to both the employers and candidates, their search ended at O'hire.
About O’hire
O’hire is a global recruitment mobile platform where job seekers can pitch their skills to employers using a flawless video resume platform. Whatever skills you have and whatever you do, you always have someone to hire you, depending on how better you express yourself.

Name: Arpit Singhal
Phone: +91-120-4506265
Email: info@Ohire.com
Website: http://www.o-hire.com/