Paul Ting Energy Vision LLC was founded by Paul Ting. Paul has extensive expertise (over 25 years) in the energy arena. He was the managing director of energy research at various investment banks, including Citigroup, Salomon Smith Barney, UBS and Oppenheimer etc.  He has attained the highest level of achievement and recognition in energy research, having been voted THE number one rated Integrated oil/gas analyst for a record seven times consecutively.  In addition, Paul also has oil/energy industry experience, having worked at Atlantic Richfield for nine years. He founded the Paul Ting Energy Vision LLC in 2005.

Paul Ting Energy Vision LLC (PTEV) provides unbiased and unencumbered research in the energy area to professional clients. PTEV focus on global energy issues, but the area of emphasis is in China energy. China is of critical importance to energy investors. It provides the bulk of oil demand growth, and is a dominant player in coal and power. China is a fertile area for energy investors. Our clients are diversified, and our research is targeted to various categories of professionals including portfolio managers, hedge fund managers, buy side analysts/strategists/managers, commodity traders and oil company executives.  

PTEV is uniquely qualified in delivering timely and proprietary research to you. We are unique in several ways: (1) We do not have bias and we do not perform investment banking services. We are not encumbered. (2) Paul Ting speaks, reads and writes Chinese, which is invaluable in terms of uncovering value-added contacts, research information and data.  (3)  We believe that energy research should be "borderless". That is, oil research can lead to investment ideas in coal, and coal can lead to power and alternative energy investments. This borderless research is lacking in many research organizations, which tends to organize their research by industries. (4) We have expertise in both the Wall Street and Main Street, thus we understand what is important to the investors but we also understand the key drivers of the energy industry. We understand the importance of being timely, and being the "first" to deliver investable ideas to our clients. (5) Paul also has impeccable academic background, having earned a PhD in Management Science from UCLA. (6) We are very prolific in our research. We focus on both in-depth investment research as well as timely trading alerts. We are accessible, offering not only research services but frequent phone updates, conference calls and presentations.

Tap into our expertise and let us help you to invest in this exciting arena!
our website is  www.oilresearch.us
our email is paulting@oilresearch.us