The Old Dominion Hops Cooperative (ODHC) represents local hops growers throughout the Mid Atlantic, educates it's members about hops production best practices and communicates the ways fresh, local hops provide the best ingredients for brewers. Fresh or "wet" hops provide piney aromas and bright flavors that add complexity similar to fresh herbs in cooking. These complex flavors are only available in a freshly picked hop, since the drying process evaporates some essential oils. People enjoy the distinctively mellow and delicate identity of wet hop beer which also adds unique marketing differentiators to seasonal beers and ales.

The Coop  is a recognized Agricultural Cooperative by the Virginia Department of Agriculture, provides regional workshops and education, bulk purchasing, grant proposals and an annual wet hop beer festival. ODHC members produced 10,000 lbs of hops in 2014 and sells to craft breweries, brewpubs, retailers and home brewclubs  from Georgia to Pennsylvania.