At OmniSite, we engineer and manufacture machine to machine, remote monitoring and control systems.  Our data logging solution is completely wireless and transmits all data through the local cellular network.  

Our state-of-the-art remote monitoring systems are perfect for pump, lift, and flare station monitoring in industries such as wastewater, landfill, mining, water distribution, chemical and water tanks.

We help organizations free themselves from unreliable phone dialer systems and expensive SCADA systems. We designed our system around ease of use. Making it the most cost effective and easiest to install, setup, and use remote equipment monitoring, data acquisition, and alarm notification system in the world.

Your equipment will be wirelessly monitored and controlled through an easy to use web based interface we call GuardDog. This allows operators to view and analyze data from any computer at anytime and anywhere.  View our free GuardDog demo at http://goo.gl/22WsZ.

Our system doesn't stop there; we have all the functionality of SCADA and auto dialers, but without the extra cost and reliability issues.  Our system allows unlimited automatic notifications of any equipment alarm via text or automated voice message.  You will get a clear message of what has gone wrong and can make educated decisions on what steps to take next.  Log into your web based interface, GuardDog, to view more information, gather and print reports, and even cycle your equipment.

OmniSite is privately held with headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana. For more information, please visit www.omnisite.com, or e-mail us at sales@omnisite.com.